Peerless Single Barrel Experience

Glazed Berry Donut Bourbon Single Barrel, The Go-Getter Bourbon Single Barrel, Lime.

Four Distillery Select Single Barrel Whiskies, Four Complimentary Tour and Tasting Passes, and Four Glencairn Glasses.

Sherbert Rye Single Barrel and The Highlander Rye Single Barrel, with four passes for a behind-the-scenes tour and tasting. The Four Glencairn glasses are perfect for nosing and tasting our whiskies.


Donated by: Kentucky Peerless Distillery

Nelson's Green Brier Distillery Experience

Bottle of Nelson's Green Brier Tennessee Whiskey and Tasting for 2 at Nelson’s Green Brier Distillery. 

 Nelson's Green Brier Distillery donates a bottle of Nelson's Green Brier Tennessee Whiskey which retails for $34.99 a bottle and a tasting for 2 people which retails for $12/each or $24 for both.


Donated by: Nelson's Green Brier Distillery

Brown-Forman Special Edition

Bottle of BF150 Special Edition Bourbon - Never sold in retail, very limited quantities produced.


Donated by: Brown-Forman

Bardstown Bourbon Co. Gift Basket

Gift Basket includes - 1 bottle of Bardstown Bourbon Fusion 4 Series & 1 bottle of Bardstown Bourbon Discovery 4 Series signed by Master Distiller, Steve Nally. $200 gift to be used at our restaurant, swag, private tour & tasting with our Master Distiller, Steve Nally. Must be 21 yrs of age to attend tour. Reservations are required for tour and restaurant.


Donated by: Bardstown Bourbon Co.

WhistlePig Whiskey Set

A long and patiently aged whiskey is only as good as the grain it’s born from. With WhistlePig’s oldest expression to date, we’re tapping into the time-honored techniques of the farmer distillers who invented the category in America’s early days. Our mash bill 79% rye, 15% malted rye and 6% malted barley creates a sipping experience that evolves on the palate from soft and supple to rich and savory. Each annual edition of our Double Malt Rye is crowned with a bespoke glass topper, handmade in Vermont.  

Introducing WhistlePig’s first ever Bourbon Whiskey, FarmStock Beyond Bonded Bourbon. This high rye Bourbon made from 100% Farm whiskey is the realization of a dream years in the making. We bottled our first 100% Farm to bottle Rye and Bourbon at 100.1 proof to go above and Beyond Bonded. After the whiskey left the Farm, the powers that be rescinded approval of our labels. Forty barrels of FarmStock Beyond Bonded Bourbon and FarmStock Beyond Bonded Rye are out in the world and still for sale, but is this the end for Beyond Bonded? Don’t miss out on this rare, limited edition bottle never to be seen bottled at 100.1 again!


Donated by: WhistlePig Whiskey

Calumet Farm Single Rack Black Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey Series

A collection of Calumet Farm 15-year-old and 14-year-old Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey from their Single Rack Black series.

Calumet Farm Single Rack Black 15 Year Old Bourbon Whiskey is the pinnacle of the Calumet Farm Bourbon family. It represents the premium quality our brand is known for, as well as the hard-earned badge of patience. Allowing our bourbon to age slowly in Kentucky-only rick houses is a testament to doing things the right way - the way bourbon should be done. All barrels used to craft these rare batches are aged in a single, center-cut rack. This expression of the Calumet Farm Bourbon family is our most aged and highest proof to date. It is Non-Chill Filtered for added depth of character and color.

Calumet Farm Single Rack Black 14 Year Old Bourbon Whiskey represents both the prestigious nature and hard-earned quality of a premium Kentucky straight bourbon. It is painstakingly crafted from extremely small batches of 19 barrels. All barrels used are aged in a single, center-cut rack from the ideal maturation location and conditions inside the rick house. This expression of the Calumet Farm Bourbon family is a true convergence of craftsmanship and flavor. It is Non-Chill Filtered for added depth of character and color.


Donated by: Western Spirits Beverage Company

Sam Houston Custom Barrel Sampling Kit and KY-Batch Bottle

An extremely limited edition custom sample kit of Sam Houston Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey that was created to help curate the latest release of the latest Sam Houston 15- year-old Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey release - along with one (1) bottle of the KY-1 Sam Houston 15-year-old Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey release.


Donated by: Western Spirits Beverage Company

Mini Bottle Collection

In the world of collectables, nothing feels more like yesterday than an old airplane bottle. You can almost smell the cigarette smoke in the first class seat of a 1950s Boeing 707. Each tastes like yesterday.


Donated by: Marc Abrams

Longbranch VIP Mailer Curated by Matthew McConaughey

Longbranch Bourbon & Matthew McConaughey collaborated on a gold standard mailer to share with Matthew's celebrity friends, which includes some of his favorite items from his home state of Texas.

Donated by: Campari Group

Collector's Edition 21 Year Old Bourbon

An extraordinary old sour mash bourbon distilled and bottled in Kentucky bourbon country, famous for many generations of fine bourbon made from the finest ingredients obtainable and leisurely aged under ideal conditions in new, charred white oak barrels for 21 years. We proudly offer this limited release to those seeking the finest Kentucky bourbon in existence.


Donated by: Jim Karp

Buffalo Trace Sazerac Gift Basket

Sazerac 18, 2 Stagg leather coasters, 2 Stagg crystal rock glasses, 1 copper bar mixing spoon, Leather Field Notes Journal, Whiskey Stone Box Set, Copper Jigger, Leather Flask Buck, Gents Cocktail Mix Mule, Basket.


Donated by: Buffalo Trace Distillery

Lineage Jim Beam

Jim Beam-Lineage represents the most refined bottle by far in Jim Beam's lineup, which ranges from the standard Kentucky straight bourbon to higher-end offerings like Black Extra-Aged and Single Barrel editions. Jim Beam Lineage is sold exclusively in airports and other global travel retail locations but a very rare find.


Donated by: Beam Suntory, Brett Hale

Private Stock P&T Bottle

The Park & Tilford Private Stock represents a once forgotten era of American whiskey that is making a strong comeback--Blends of Straight Whiskeys. This bottle garnered a premium for the category in the 1940s and '50s. Today, it's a piece of history in a bottle.


Donated by: Marc Abrams

Barrell Craft Spirits Bourbon & Rum

This complex 15-year-old bourbon was blended and bottled at peak maturity so you can experience its true flavor. It is a perfect union of grain and barrel, with an old, oaky nose and a deep, honey-maple palate that reveals the lushness of the grain.


Donated by: Barrell Craft Spirits

Old Carter Batch 1 Rye Whiskey

Old Carter has become one of the more intriguing new products of our time. From the co-founders of Kentucky Owl, Old Carter travels in the circles of elite and this is the first batch of their rye. A collector's item, for sure.


Donated by: Gregg Spielberg

Old Carter Whiskey Co. Straight American Whiskey Small Batch #5 & Laser Engraved Whiskey Barrel Stave (1)

Old Carter 13 Year Bourbon

Old Carter has become one of the more intriguing new products of our time. From the co-founders of Kentucky Owl, Old Carter travels in the circles of elite. A collector's item, for sure.


Donated by: Theater Square Wine & Spirits

Carleton Tower 1

Carleton Tower

Legendary Canadian whiskey producer Hiram Walker’s premium expression from the 1940s through the 1970s was Carlton Tower. Not only was it the best whiskey they produced but it came in the iconic contemporary bottle design that is a piece of art in itself when you consider the design is almost 80 years old. The brand started in 1945, this is the second edition, but the first bottling that has the silver cap. Tasting notes from previous bottles are: On the nose we have furniture polish, sandalwood, rum-raisin, dark chocolate and black currant. Some big wood smoke in there too, like a campfire. Black cherries. The palate is rather oily, as expected, with lots of Mackintosh toffee and vanilla. Mild spices. Raisins. Honey and milk chocolate.


Donated by: Marc Abrams

Orphan Barrell Entrapment FRONT2

Orphan Barrel Entrapment

25-yr old Canadian Whisky. Distilled and aged in Gimili, Manitoba, Canada. 82 proof. The latest installment of Orphan Barrel, Diageo's limited edition line. Also includes the Orphan Barrel Copper Tongue.


Donated by: Don Kohler

Old Carter Whiskey Co. Straight American Whiskey Small Batch #5 & Laser Engraved Whiskey Barrel Stave

Old Carter Whiskey Company Gift Set

Old Carter Whiskey Co. Straight Rye Whiskey Small Batch #8 (750ml) & Old Carter Laser Engraved Whiskey Barrel Stave

Old Carter Whiskey Co is the passion project of Mark and Sherri Carter. They began their beverage endeavors in the wine business, producing fine wines in Napa Valley with their Carter Cellars Cabernets garnering eleven perfect 100 point scores from critics. The whiskey business found them several years ago when they partnered with a Kentucky friend to resurrect a long dormant bourbon brand. That brand did well and sold in 2017, but by then the Carters were hooked on the process of making and blending whiskies, as well as the state of Kentucky. So they started Old Carter Whiskey Co to carry on their love affair with whiskey making. They now produce Straight Ryes, Bourbons and American Whiskey in Kentucky and have an Old Carter showroom in Louisville. Mark and Sherri handle all aspects of the business themselves, from creating new blends and selecting single barrels, to designing and handwriting each individual label per bottling. It is a very hands-on approach and has allowed them to continue to create together. Old Carter is truly a labor of love.

Old Carter Straight Rye Whiskey Small Batch #8:
Distilled in Indiana, this 115.8 proof, straight rye whiskey (95% rye/5% malted barley) is a unique blend of 7 rye whiskey barrels which were then re-barreled into new toasted oak barrels of varying char levels and artfully blended by Mark and Sherri Carter.

Old Carter Laser Engraved Barrel Stave:
Each Old Carter Whiskey Co. Engraved Stave has been reclaimed from authentic whiskey barrels and will handsomely add a distinctive and "spirited" taste to any décor. These unique, solid white oak staves have been sanded, laser engraved and finished to last a lifetime. Each stave is unique in size and character. Made in USA.


Donated by: Old Carter Whiskey Co.


Castle & Key Bourbon Barrel

One-year-old Castle & Key bourbon barrel distilled by one of the most well-known Master Distillers in the industry. Your barrel will age in the famous Castle & Key rickhouses for the next two years for an expected yield of approximately 250 bottles or, for a slightly smaller yield, let it age longer to unlock more sophisticated notes. Included in the auction are the barrel with a mash bill of 75/13/12, two years of storage fees paid to Castle & Key, insurance coverage on the barrel, and bottling fees up to $700 (all paid for by the donor).


Donated by: John Shumate

Ezra Brooks Distillers Collection

Ezra Brooks

1 Bottle of Distillers Collection Single Barrel: Our single barrel selection is hand picked by an employee at Lux Row Distillers. This particular selection is only featured in the Visitor Center gift shop, making this selection a unique hand-picked barrel which can never be exactly replicated again.


Donated by: Lux Row Distillery

Lux Row Double Barrel 12 Year

Lux Row

Featuring our Lux Row 12 Year Double Barrel Bourbon, Yellowstone 2020 Limited Edition finished in Armognac Barrels, and hand-picked single barrel selection from the Lux Row Visitor Center.

Lux Row 12 Year Double Barrels is a unique expression only available in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Each barrel is hand selected and then blended by Master Distiller John Rempe. It is at least 12 years old, and bottled at 118.4 proof to commemorate the grand opening of Lux Row Distillers on 4/11/2018


Donated by: Lux Row Distillery

Elmer T Lee Vintage Bourbon

Elmer T. Lee Vintage Bourbon

Elmer T. Lee Kentucky Sour Mash Bourbon Whiskey (Single Barrel Bourbon) 750ml 90 Proof

One of the most sought after products from Buffalo Trace, Elmer T. Lee, named after the great distiller who introduced Blanton's.


Donated by: Brook Smith

Yellowstone 101 Proof KY Straight Bourbon Whiskey


Yellowstone Limited Edition is created by founder and Master Distiller of Limestone Branch Distillery, Stephen Beam. Each year is different, and our 2020 edition features our 7 year old Yellowstone Bourbon finished in Armagnac barrels. 1 Bottle of Yellowstone Limited Edition 2020


Donated by: Lux Row Distillery

Van Winkle 15 Year Family Reserve

Pappy Van Winkle 15 Yr No 841

Donated by: Tom O'Grady

Willett Bourbon and Rye Pair

Willett 6 Year Bourbon & Rye

Locally owned Eternal Optimist Hospitality presents their hand picked selection of Willett Family Estate Bottles along with a coveted selection from the 2018 Bourbon Bonanza Benefit.

1 Bottle - Willett Family Estate Bottled Single Barrel Bourbon - 6 Year - Barrel 191 - 129.4 Proof - Bottle 4 of 148

1 Bottle - Willett Family Estate Bottled Single Barrel Rye Whiskey - 6 Year - Barrel 233 - 116.0 Proof - Bottle 39 of 168


Donated by: Eternal Optimist Hospitality

Willett Straight Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey 7 Yr Barrel 44

Willett 7 Year

1 Bottle - Willett Family Estate Bottled Single Barrel Bourbon - 7 Year - Barrel 44 - 121.6 Proof - Feast BBQ - Bottle 57 of 202

Included in this collection of Willett Family Estate bottles are some of the earliest examples of whiskey distilled on site at Willett Distillery, including an incredibly unique 7 year old bottling of the 44th barrel they produced after re-starting distillation on site. At the time of distillation they were unable to utilize their column still so this bourbon was twice distilled in their pot still prior to bottling. This double pot still distillation and the barrel's location on the bottom floor of the rick house near a southwest facing wall produced a bourbon with notes of Peanut Butter Bar Candies, Butterscotch, Caramel Corn, Lime Leaf, and Thai Bird Chilies.


Donated by: Eternal Optimist Hospitality

Old Forester Birthday Bourbon 12 Year

Old Forester Birthday Bourbon 2021

Old Forester will release the 21st iteration of its limited-edition, vintage-dated Birthday Bourbon on Sept. 2 in celebration of founder George Garvin Brown’s birthday. This year marks the 151st year of the company he began in 1870.

The 2021 Birthday Bourbon will be bottled at 104 proof and is made up of 119 barrels, aged 12 years, and barreled on April 16, 2009. After showing exceptionally unique character during a tasting panel, the 12-year-old barrels were chosen specifically for this year’s Birthday Bourbon.


Donated by: Old Forester Distillery

Bob Dylan Bootleg Series

Heaven's Door Whiskey Bootleg

Introducing the second expression in The Bootleg Series by Heaven’s Door. Named after Bob Dylan’s famous “Bootleg Series” of albums, the line-up invites people to experience the art of craft whiskey on a new level and will feature unique and unreleased whiskeys, including special blends, barrel finishes and rare stocks. Each offering in the series features one of Dylan’s paintings on a hand-made ceramic bottle in a collectible leather case.

THE 2020 EDITION • Only 3825 bottles produced • 15-Year-Old Straight Bourbon Whiskey Finished in 30–35-year-old Jamaican Pot Still Rum Casks • Cask Strength • 104.6 Proof / 52.3% alc/vol • 2020 Edition features Sunset, Monument Valley by Bob Dylan inside an allocated, individually numbered leather journal.

TASTING NOTES - Nose: cornbread, cocoa nibs, tobacco leaf, and an abundance of maple syrup. Palate: Dried apricot, sandalwood, with a nutty richness. Finish: Toasted coconut, holiday spice, and toasted oak where the influence from the sugar cane and rum extraction shines.


Donated by: Heaven's Door Distillery

Woodford Reserve Baccarat with box

Woodford Reserve Baccarat Edition

History and heritage meet innovation and sophistication. Woodford Reserve Baccarat Edition is crafted by uniquely finishing the most complex and balanced Kentucky Bourbon in select XO Cognac barrels. Sourced by our Master Distiller Chris Morris, each barrel has seen three seasons of cognac before being filled with Woodford Reserve. The result is the best of both spirits – a balance of crisp American and French oak notes, complex fruit character, subtle spiciness and a creamy confectionary finish. Presented in a bespoke Baccarat decanter, Woodford Reserve Baccarat Edition is the ultimate expression of American Whiskey at its finest.


Donated by: Woodford Reserve

Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey Master Blend Trilogy Set 4

Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey Trilogy Set & Nearest Green Distillery Experience 

Nearest Green Distillery Experience with Master Blender, Victoria Eady Butler, Plus One (1) Signed Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey Master Blend Trilogy Set
A rare private tour of the Nearest Green Distillery with our Master Blender and fifth generation Nearest Green descendent, Victoria Eady Butler. The auction winner will also receive one Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey Master Blend Trilogy set. This set includes one bottle each of our newest release, Master Blend, as well as our 1884 Small Batch and 1856 Premium Aged Whiskeys

Nearest Green Distillery Experience
Every bit of our 270-acre, four-phase, $50 million build-out, is a master class in storytelling and history-making. No matter where you turn on our property, we are either unveiling history-making moments of the past or history being made in the present. Enjoy a private, guided tour of the distillery with our Master Blender, Victoria Eady Butler and see the magic behind the most awarded American Whiskey or Bourbon of 2019 and 2020.

Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey Master Blend: Our Most Perfect Whiskey Yet
With every blend of Uncle Nearest, fifth generation Nearest Green descendant and our Master Blender, Victoria Eady Butler, selects a barrel she believes to be the most spectacular of the batch and sets it aside. For the first time ever, these select barrels have been blended together to create our most perfect blend.

Known as the ‘Godfather of Tennessee Whiskey,’ Nearest Green, was the world’s first known African American Master Distiller. The astonishingly smooth nature of his whiskey began with new American oak barrels, a low barrel entry proof following filtration through sugar maple charcoal, before resting in a non-temperature controlled rickhouse for a minimum of six winters. All of his whiskey was distilled, aged, filtered and bottled in Tennessee. We continue that tradition.

Uncle Nearest 1884 Small Batch Whiskey
Uncle Nearest 1884 Small Batch Whiskey is a 93 proof whiskey aged a minimum of 7 years. Each batch is hand-selected by our founders and curated by our Master Blender and fifth generation Nearest Green descendent, Victoria Eady Butler.

Uncle Nearest 1856 Premium Aged Whiskey
Uncle Nearest 1856 is an award-winning blend of 8-14 year old barrels, bottled at 100 proof. Uncle Nearest is astonishingly smooth, and can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or in your favorite whiskey or bourbon cocktail.


Donated by: Uncle Nearest Distillery

HHBE_Exterior1935DistilleryReplica (3)
HHBE_YouDoBourbon (4)

Two Fall 2021 Editions of Old Fitzgerald Bottled-in-Bond Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey 11-Year-Old and the You Do Bourbon Experience from Heaven Hill

Comprised of barrels produced in spring of 2010, and bottled in spring of 2021, the eighth national release ushers in the latest hallmark series to the bottled-in-bond legacy.

Bottled in an ornate decanter, the fall edition denotes a black label, consistent across all fall releases. As was the case for the past editions, this edition’s tax strip, which has always been a signature of transparency on bottled-in-bond products, will disclose when the liquid was produced and bottled. The Old Fitzgerald Bottled-in-Bond fall edition will be available in the 750ml size on an allocated basis. It meets the strict requirements of a bottled-in-bond: the product of a single distillery from a single distilling season, aged a minimum of four years, and bottled at 100 proof or 50% alcohol by volume.

The fall 2021 edition of Old Fitzgerald Bottled-in-Bond Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey features Bourbon pulled from rickhouse EE and is the second 11-year-old of the nationally released series, with the first released spring 2018. As a leader of the Bottled-in-Bond category, Heaven Hill is proud to offer a premium, allocated product within this special class that showcases the authenticity and quality of the American Whiskey portfolio. Acquired in 1999 by Heaven Hill, the legendary Old Fitzgerald line is well-known for its distilling pedigree and intriguing story behind its namesake, John E. Fitzgerald.

You Do Bourbon Experience
Experience the newly renovated and expanded Heaven Hill Bourbon Experience in Bardstown, KY with up to ten of your friends. The “You Do Bourbon” immersive space invites guests into a classroom style tasting room where a host will guide them through a tasting of unique products. To commemorate their visit, they will have the opportunity to bottle their favorite Bourbon or whiskey from their tasting through the custom-designed filling machines, apply the label and personalize it in the adjacent Bottling Room. Finally, guests will experience a day in the life of a quality technician in the You Do Bourbon lab. Quality technicians ensure the consistency, quality, and integrity of all Heaven Hill products. Step into their shoes, inspecting through microscopes, gauging the proof of whiskey, and testing your sense of smell at the nosing station. At any given time, there will be three to four mashbills available to choose from: Heaven Hill Bourbon, Heaven Hill Wheat Whiskey, Heaven Hill Wheated Bourbon, and a fourth option on rotation. Guests are then invited to learn about both the fascinating history of Bourbon as well as the story behind Heaven Hill Distillery, family owned and operated since 1935 in the 1935 Distillery Theater. Immerse yourself in Bourbon history through the educational, self-guided galleries.


Donated by: Heaven Hill Distillery

12-year old

Van Winkle Special Reserve Bourbon 12 Year

Van Winkle Special reserve is a very highly rated bourbon whiskey. Enjoy on the rocks with a list of lemon or in a nice cocktail like an Old Fashioned.


Donated by: Julian Van Winkle


Pappy Van Winkle Family Reserve 15 Year

"Pappy Van Winkle Special reserve is a very highly rated bourbon whiskey. It is one of my favorites. I call it 'Nectar.' The 15 year Pappy Van Winkle is my favorite of all our ages. Enjoy on the rocks with a list of lemon or in a nice cocktail like an Old Fashioned." – Julian Van Winkle III


Donated by: Julian Van Winkle


The Barrell Craft Spirits Blending Experience

Join the BCS blending team for a deeper dive into what makes a great blend, with a hands-on blending experience. BCS Founder Joe Beatrice, Chief Whiskey Scientist Tripp Stimson and Assistant Blender Nic Christiansen will all take part.


Donated by: Barrell Craft Spirits


Rabbit Hole Single Barrel picked with Founder & Whiskey Maker Kaveh Zamanian

Join Rabbit Hole Founder and Whiskey Maker Kaveh Zamanian in selecting your own personal barrel of Heigold Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. Bottled at cask strength, this recently launched, extremely exclusive Rabbit Hole Single Barrel offering features six limited edition original illustrations by artist Paige Vickers. For this release, our Founder commissioned artwork depicting Shakespearean plays with a modern eye. Shakespeare was selected as the subject for this edition because his works present timeless themes such as love, friendship, fear, and ambition. Universal themes that remind us of our common humanity and the importance of coming together to celebrate artistic and cultural achievements. 

This Single Barrel offering is unlike any other. With a mission to redefine the standards of American whiskey and a mindset focused on originality and creativity, our Founder, Kaveh Zamanian, has re-envisioned what a Single Barrel program can be. Each barrel is a study in patience and only nominated for selection after weather, wood, and whiskey have united to yield a distinct cask strength whiskey with a depth and complexity deserving of being picked as a Single Barrel. To complement this distinct whiskey, the bottles released each year for this private barrel selection will be unique. Four artists are selected by our Founder every year to collaborate and create original limited-edition illustrations to represent one Single Barrel expression of our four core whiskeys. The artist for each of these whiskey expressions will create a series of six illustrations that offer a personal interpretation of a selected theme for each release. As an expression of our commitment and reverence for the creative arts, each bottle is designed to allow these exclusive illustrations to have the maximum amount of canvas to provide the artist with a new medium for discovery. This celebration of creativity has always been a core tenet of our brand, and we are delighted to share with you this one-of-a-kind work of art inside and out.


Donated by: Rabbit Hole Distillery


The Ultimate Makers Mark Immersion Experience

Your Own Unique Barrel of Makers Mark, Dinner at Rob Samuels Home, and Custom-Made Artwork

The Samuels family is true bourbon royalty in Kentucky, their distilling roots stretching back some 250 years. Through this exclusive offering, you can immerse yourself in that rich heritage, creating your very own barrel of Makers Mark bourbon that you have designed to your own unique taste preference, have dinner at eighth-generation whisky maker Rob Samuels home, and help create an original piece of art with renowned glass artist Brook White.

This unforgettable experience for you and nine friends begins with a personal tour of the National Historic Landmark distillery on Star Hill Farm led by Rob Samuels, Managing Director of Makers Mark, and grandson of the founders. After Rob walks you through the bucolic, pristine campus and provides personal insights into his grandparents vision that still guides the brand today, you'll arrive at the stunning new Lakeside Tasting Room where you will go through the entire Private Selection process, reserved for only the most elite customers of Makers Mark. You will learn about and taste for yourselves

the specific flavors created by different types of staves, and ultimately your group will create an entire barrel of your very own expression of Makers Mark, with a finish unique to your tastes. When the barrel matures nine weeks later, the bottle labels will feature your name and stave selection recipe, and you will receive the entire bottling run for you and your friends to enjoy.

Your day also will include a delicious lunch at the distillery and then will conclude with an intimate dinner for your group at Rob Samuels home. A breathtaking, never-before-offered finale to this extraordinary opportunity is that the winning bidder will be allowed to work personally with Kentucky's own Brook White of Flame Run Studio and Gallery to create a customized, one-of-a-kind work of art, a priceless memento to display proudly and remind you of this unique immersion experience.

Transportation for your distillery visit will be provided by Mint Julep Tours.


Donated by: Maker's Mark Distillery